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Our New EquipCrossFit Palm Protector Is Here!


equipcrossfit-palm-protector.jpgThe wait is over for all of you Crossfitters with larger hands!

We finally have our new offering, the EquipCrossfit palm protector available for purchase. Like all of our products, it's made from the finest quality American Cows we can get, assureing you maximum life for you hand protection. Think of the money you'll save on tape! :-) And, it comes in sizes large enough for even the largest hands. So buy a pair today, custom fit them with the instructions we provide, and get ripped abs, not ripped hands! Available in black, red, royal blue, and hot pink trim!

Larger Crossfit Palm Protector Coming Soon!

We are Tooling Up for a Larger Crossfit Palm Protector! We have been amazed at how many crossfit folks are using our basic crossfit palm protector. We've had lots of conversations with crossfitters and realize that even the larger guys (at least some of them!) want a palm protector too. Good news - it will be [...]

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Turquoise Zebra Tiger Paws

We just wanted to let everyone know that we have the turqupoise zebra Tiger Paws back in stock! We had no idea they would be so popular so we didn't make enough the first time around. Hopefully we'll keep up with demand this time, sorry for the inconvenience!

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US Glove Celebrates the new year with a New Facility!

US Glove spent the end of 2011 getting into a newly renovated building. The new facility underwent extensive remodel prior to our move from the old factory. We wish we had taken some photos before we began the remodel earlier in the year but we blew that one!  :-(  Let's just say there was a lot [...]

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