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Wrist Supports

Hyper and Soft Wrist Supports

Hyper and soft wrist supports are designed to be used for activities such as floor exercise, vault, beam, pommel horse, and tumbling for cheerleading. Bascially any activity where one needs wrist support but does not want the palm of the hand partially covered as would occur when wearing a Tiger Paw.

Both the large and medium sizes fit wrists with a circumference greater than 7". The difference is in the width of the support, the large provides more support with the wider design. The small size fits wrists with a minimum circumference of 6".

The soft wrist supports come in adult & child sizes. The adult model fits wrists with a minimum wrist circumference of 7", the child model - 6". The soft wrist support is narrower than the Hyper models and provides slightly less support.