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Larger Crossfit Palm Protector Coming Soon!


We are Tooling Up for a Larger Crossfit Palm Protector!

soft-beginner-velcro-lrz.jpgWe have been amazed at how many crossfit folks are using our basic crossfit palm protector. We've had lots of conversations with crossfitters and realize that even the larger guys (at least some of them!) want a palm protector too. Good news - it will be here soon! We've sent prints to the machine shop for new dies to cut the leather and should be in productoon in about two weeks.

On a slightly different note, the new design will be slightly different from the current crossfit palm protector we are selling. Our current palm protector was based on beginner gymnastics grips. Because of this, it has a tapered shape to the palm area. The new design has a straight cut to the leather to provide more protection for the palm of the hand. It also uses a new two way Velcro which has both surfaces on every piece of material. This allows for faster on and off to get you through those WOD's faster!

We're also going to provide some detailed instructions on various ways to custom fit your palm protectors to best fit your hands. And, for those times when you get a little carried away, we'll soon be stocking Kinesio tape! This new therapeutic tape is becoming very popular for injury prevention and recovery.