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X-Fit Hook and Loop Palm Protector

  • Black leather crossfit palm protector
  • yellow leather crossfit palm protector
  • Light blue leather crossfit palm protector
  • Purple leather crossfit palm protector
  • Orange leather crossfit palm protector
  • Teal leather crossfit palm protector
  • Pink leather crossfit palm protector
  • Red leather crossfit palm protector
  • Royal blue leather crossfit palm protector
  • White leather crossfit palm protector
  • Yellow leather crossfit palm protector
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Product Description

Basic X-Fit Palm Protector

This is our basic leather palm protector. It's made from a soft leather that breaks in easily. The closure around the wrist is accomplished with a hook & loop strap threaded through a D-loop and folded back over on itself. This makes for quick and easy on-off action.  Many people wear them over a wristband, either woven cotton or neoprene. See the bottom of this page for our selection of wristbands. The finger holes can be sanded with a piece of dowel and sandpaper to fit your finger size. For larger sized hands, see the EquipX-Fit Palm Protector HERE! Note: Color choice only effects the Velcro wristband!

Size Measurement
3 3/8"
3 3/4"
4 1/4"

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Product Reviews

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  1. Exactly what I was looking for doing Crossfit 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Aug 2012

    I had tried a couple other standard gloves for my Crossfit workouts and nothing was really working. These palm protectors are great. Even on the first day of use and breaking in they worked great. I did 8 rounds of Mary and amazingly my hands were not all chewed up afterwords. I trimmed to fit my fingers with a razor very easily and after breaking in its like a extra set of skin they fit so nice. Needless to say I am very happy, and the price is just an extra bonus.

  2. Hand Saver! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Aug 2012

    Finally something that's easy to wear, much more durable than athletic tape, and truly helps during my WODs. I'm finally not ripping my hands anymore!

  3. Best I've tried 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Aug 2012

    Two things folks buying these for crossfit should know: 1. you need to size the finger holes, and 2. they require break-in. (Both of these tidbits are easily learned pre-purchase by just reading the comments section here -- but maybe they should be featured in the product description)

    The finger holes were very easy to adjust. I have large adult male hands so I started by cutting away some material with a box cutter. Then I moved on to the dowel/sandpaper as advised by this site. Overall, it took me around 15-20 minutes to make the holes large enough.

    In terms of break-in, just have a little patience with them & don't expect perfect comfort out of the box. By the end of my third workout wearing these grips, the leather had really started to conform to the contour of the pullup bar at the gym, and that's when they started feeling great. I'm guessing that the stiff material they're made out of will last longer than the soft leather grips I've tried from other vendors.

    Overall, I'm quite happy with this purchase. Shipping was fast. If nothing else, I'll save money on athletic tape (and hopefully, bandaids).


    Thanks CR. I am working on more instructions on the product page regarding sizing. We'll also have a larger size available soon. Glad you like them!


  4. Good product for children 2 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Aug 2012

    Good quality product but holes are to small for an adult hand.Tried cutting bigger holes didn't really work for me.

    We have some larger models coming soon. The current models work well for the ladies or anyone with smaller hands Thomas!


  5. Nice quality & good price 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Aug 2012

    The only problem I have with the gloves is I had to cut out the finger holes. While doing this I ended up making them to close. I am sure with use the leather part seperating the two holes is going to end up tearing out making them useless.

  6. small holes 2 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Aug 2012

    sometimes athlete's have bigger fingers and hands. upon recieving them i tried them on, in order to make them fit i had to cut the middle out of them in order to get them to go over my fingers. so for that i dont think i will be trying any more of your products.

    If you read some of the past reviews you will see this is normal. If we make all the holes fit the larger fingers, they'd be way to big for some folks. This is known as fitting the palm protector. It's a common practice with gymnastics grips as well. You can cut or sand the holes to fit your fingers! :-)


  7. Great!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Jul 2012

    Being a former gymnast and now a Crossfitter, I am familiar with grips of all types. I highly recommend these for Crossfit workouts. Drastically reduces ripping and increases grip capabilities. Shipping is super fast too.

  8. Size Issues 2 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Jul 2012

    I had the same problem as the review on 6/30/12. Finger holes way too small. I see the reply that Steve provided but had no knowledge of that prior to purchasing and receiving. A note in the instructions provided would have helped.

    I'll have the instruction sheet reviewed, that is normally on the sheet for our various grips.


  9. Good Grip, not very comfortable 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Jun 2012

    Helps with grips but the finger holes are way too small. I have to cut them bigger and try them again.

    That's called fitting the finger holes, it is always required on a grip, unless you get lucky! :-) Sandpaper and a piece of dowel rod work well to smooth them.


  10. Very helpful 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Jun 2012

    Great quality product! Haven't ripped or blistered since using these palm protectors! Highly recommended

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