Hot Shot Men's Ring Buckle

US Glove

  • $37.97

The Men's Hot Shot Ring Buckle Grip featuring a Leather Cuff is designed for intermediate to elite men's gymnasts. The narrow palm of the grip features a grey leather sewn on the dowel and is attached to the leather wrist cuff. Fastening the grip to the wrist is easy with a single leather buckle closure. Our innovative finger locking system helps keep the fingers from slipping out of the finger holes during use. We recommend the use of wristbands with these hand grips for added comfort. US Glove sizing is different from grip to grip. Please make sure you're ordering the correct size for your grip! To order Hot Shot Grips, take a measurement, in inches, from the wrist to center of the middle finger between the 1st and 2nd joint.  If you're uncertain as to which grip you should purchase please call one of our team members at (800) 999-5408 for assistance.

Order the size closest to your hand measurment. If your measurement falls exactly between sizes, order the smaller size. If you are uncertain whether you have measured correctly, fax a tracing of your hand and wrist to 505-226-9056 and we will size it for you. Custom sizes are available for an additional charge.

Men's grip size chart
Size Measurement
00 5 3/8"
0 5 3/4"
1 6 3/8"
2 N/A
3 N/A
4 N/A

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