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Secret Stuff® Hygienic is the world’s first hygienic chalk! Made with an 80% ethyl alcohol base, this high performance, pure magnesium carbonate formula is engineered to provide unparalleled grip and reduce the spread of germs.

With less dust and mess and a formula that’s shown to kill germs, Secret Stuff® Hygienic takes “clean chalk” to the next level.
Liquid chalk is the perfect foundational layer for under your grips or by itself!

Why Secret Stuff?

  • QUICK, CONFIDENT GRIP: If you’re unsure of your grip, you hold back, make mistakes and don’t perform at your best. Whether it’s from sweat, moisture, humidity, or oils, Secret Stuff gives power and control to any athlete who needs dependable hands.
  • FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: No matter the climate or skin type, Secret Stuff is here for you. As a bonus, Hygienic delivers extra grip while killing germs.
  • TRUSTED BY THE BEST: Friction Labs is the only chalk endorsed by champions in multiple sports like rock climbing, gymnastics, tennis & powerlifting. Secret Stuff is the only liquid chalk for grip made in USA with the highest quality magnesium carbonate chalk.
  • HONEST AND PURE: No additives, no drying agents, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, 100% Vegan, pure magnesium carbonate formula.
  • LASTING: Long lasting formula with unparalleled staying power. Each application lasts - no need to keep chalking up. Plus, each 75 ml tube will last approximately 100 applications!
*Contains the concentration of ethanol (80%) recommended by the WHO, CDC, and FDA for Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer Products During the Public Health Emergency.
*For best results, allow 45 seconds to dry.