CPSIA and Sources


This product is not recommended by the manufacturer for use by children under the age of 13. This product is not safe for pet use. This is intended for advertising and promotional purposes ONLY. User assumes all risks and responsibilities associated with the use of this product in any manner. As an added precaution, each stress reliever is affixed with a CPSC compliant tracking label.

Any Totally Promotional product intended for youth will be labelled with the Totally Promotional name along with an identifying number associated with the PO# and product creation date. This is in compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), which requires children's products to be affixed with tracking labels. We have also affixed this label to other items, although not intended, that may end up in the hands of a child.

The following SKUs are affixed with a compliant tracking label;

  • TSTB100, TSTB101, TSTB102, TSTB103, TSTB104, TSTB105, TA115C, TA115W, TA115SC, TA115CFCC, TA115CBC, TA115WFCC, TA115SCFCC, TA115WBC, TA116C, TA116W, TA116SC, TAWBC, TACBC, TA116CFCC, TA116SCBC, TA116SCFCC, TA117C, TA117SC, TA117W, TA117WBC, TA117SCBC, TA117CBC, TA118, TA118BC, TA123W, TA123C, TA123CFCC, TA123WFCC, TA123CBC, TA123WBC, TGAITER103FCC, TGAITER103BCC

If you have questions regarding tracking information or product testing please email compliance@totallypromotional.com for more information.


*Sources regarding health information and benefits: healthline.com; minnesotavalleysurgerycenter.com; healthyliving.com; brownhillsurgery.co.uk; verywellmind.com.