Hampton Adams Premium Athletic Tape

US Glove

  • $74.95


Hampton Adams Premium Athletic Tape is a high-quality, latex-free athletic tape designed to provide support and protection during physical activities. Made from a blend of cotton and synthetic fibers, it offers excellent tensile strength and adhesion to the skin, providing a secure hold without causing irritation or discomfort.  Sticks as it should without leaving a glue residue. Gymnasts LOVE how it works with chalk as it doesn’t tend to roll like other tapes. Tape once and you're good for all rotations!


  • NO sticky residue
  • Latex-free and hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin

  • Easy to tear by hand, no scissors required

  • Provides support and stability while allowing functional movement

  • 1.5 inch x 15 yard rolls can be used by athletes, trainers, and anyone who wants to stay active and healthy

  • Ultra thick 100% cotton | 1.5" x 45 feet Per Roll - As Seen on 'Shark Tank'


Available in a 32 pack or individual rolls.