SandBar 4" Quickie Callus File Kit

US Glove

  • $29.99


You earned those calluses - now help them work FOR you, not against you. Prevent deep and painful rips with a simple and fast callus care routine!

Perfect for your gym bag, this on-the-go kit includes:

-SandBar 4" Quickie
-Magnetic Cap and S-clip
-SandBar Salve .15 oz
-Gray Silicone scrubber to clean SandBar

To use, grip your SandBar firmly. Twist toward your fingernails to reverse pressure that creates your calluses. File back and forth removing excess callus. Rub in SandBar Salve to nourish and soothe your calluses. Repeat after each practice to ensure that your hands are in optimal working condition. 

As a bonus, this file is cylindrical and the perfect size to adjust the finger holes on your grips if needed!

SandBar Quickie Callus Care Kit

SandBar Callus Care