COVID-19 Safety Tips for Gymnastics Practice

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Since germs spread incredibly fast, gyms and athletes should always be careful about keeping their equipment clean. This year, COVID-19 has presented some additional precautions that require extra safety measures to be implemented. 

Gyms are working hard and following strict CDC guidelines to try and keep everyone healthy. As you return to practice, there are few changes you can make to your routine that will help.

  • Avoid using drinking fountains. Make sure that you bring plenty of water, in a labeled water bottle, to get you through practice. If you need to use the water fountain, don’t drink directly out of it. Carefully pour water directly into your water bottle, without letting the opening of the water bottle touch the dispenser.
  • It’s more important than ever that you do not share your grips, wristbands, or other items with others. Sharing is a quick and easy way to transfer germs and risk getting someone sick. After using them, place them in your bag immediately so that you don’t get your items mixed up with anyone else.
  • Don’t use grips? Be sure to have a couple of our Double Finger Rip Protectors or Single Finger Rip Protectors on hand.  If you rip during practice, these Rip protectors are so much better than tape grips or taping your palm! Rip Protectors protect your palms and will save valuable practice time.
  • Keep tape and pre-wrap in your gym bag, so it is always available. Bringing your own will help you avoid touching shared items. 
  • Using the chalk bucket can be a fast and easy way to pass germs. Keeping a block of chalk in a large, resealable bag will help minimize the spread of illness.
  • Some of the best grip brushes have short, sturdy bristles that stay put. Ensure that you are protecting yourself and your teammates to the best of your ability by bringing your own. If you don’t have a grip brush, you can order yours here!
  • Toss some hand sanitizer in your bag and make sure you keep your hands nice and clean. Washing your hands as frequently as possible has been proven to prevent the spread of COVID-19. For times you aren’t able to use soap and water, you will have hand sanitizer readily available to use. 
  • Always avoid touching your face. Keep your hands away from your eyes, nose, and mouth. 
  • Follow the social distancing procedures and maintain a distance of at least 6 feet between yourself and others.
  • Keep your gym bag and your equipment labeled with your name or initials so that they aren’t picked up by someone else.

Take everything you’ve ever learned about sharing during childhood and throw it out the window. It’s imperative that you are not sharing with others. By taking precautions and adding a few small items to your bag, you can help protect yourself, your coaches, and your teammates. 

For more tips on returning to practice, stay tuned to our blog and check our YouTube channel!

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