Miriam Posse – Gymnast – US Glove Brand Ambassador

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Miriam Posse – Gymnast – US Glove Brand Ambassador

Charlotte-native Miriam Posse’s gymnastics career began at the age of five, growing out of dance classes she spent cartwheeling around without a care in the world. Seeing this, Miriam’s mom enrolled her young daughter in a beginner’s gymnastics class.  “She didn’t want me to get hurt,” Miriam says with a laugh, reciting her version of how she ended up in her first gym.  After just a couple of sessions, they both knew they had hit the jackpot.

Seven years later, Miriam’s love for gymnastics is no less potent than when she used to get up on the bars and flip around until she tired herself out. She points to bars as her favorite event; coincidently, it’s also her best event. She’s also a member of a competitive team and says her teammates have transformed into some of her best friends. Needless to say, it’s been a blast for Miriam: “I just love competing. I’m a very competitive person and I just love to go out there and perform.”

There have been plenty of highs along her journey, from earning a spot on her first competitive team to placing first all-around; yet none were greater than when she met Olympic gold-medalist Laurie Hernandez at the Southern Women’s Show on her ninth birthday. Miriam had no idea Laurie would be there for a book signing, so when she learned they’d be in the same building--let alone the fact she’d have a chance to meet one of her idols—Miriam’s jaw just about hit the floor. Sure enough, she did meet Laurie, who snapped a picture with a starstruck Miriam and signed her leotard and a copy of I Got This: To Gold and Back. The real treat, though, came when Laurie first arrived and gave Miriam a birthday shoutout, something she’ll never forget.

But 2020 brought new challenges. Like everyone else, Miriam initially assumed things would return to normal after a couple of weeks of being locked down. When that did not happen, she simply learned to roll with the punches. In her case, Miriam stayed in touch with her teammates and coaches through regular FaceTime calls and completed workouts from her home that her coach sent the team. Rest assured, returning to the gym was quite a relief. “When we finally got back to the gym all of us were super excited and I know I was just very thankful because there’s a lot of people in other places that can’t be in gyms,” reflects Miriam. After their first practice back, Miriam and her teammates left the gym a lot sorer than usual, but completely rejuvenated.

An already difficult year was compounded in August when Miriam sprained her wrist. Searching for a way to strengthen her wrists, she turned to US Glove’s Tiger Paws and found nearly instant relief. “When we got her the first pair, she stopped complaining immediately, literally within a week,” says Miriam’s mother. Since then, Miriam’s US Glove collection has grown to include an additional pair of Tiger Paws—a non-colored pair that she can wear during competition—and several grips and wristbands. “I really like the grips too,” says Miriam. “I thought the grips broke in really quickly and are really comfortable and I love how soft the wristbands are, even softer than what my friends have.”

Despite the time-consuming nature of gymnastics, Miriam still finds time to get involved with other groups and activities. She participated in Girl Scouts as well as Girls on the Run, a Charlotte-based non-profit that empowers girls by teaching confidence that culminates in a celebratory 5K run. Outside of school, Miriam loves to cook and bake and is eagerly awaiting a fourth season of Netflix’s Stranger Things. Turning her attention to the future, Miriam hopes to one day become a gymnastics coach for the special needs community.

US Glove is proud to have Miriam Posse and her positive spirit on board as a US Glove Brand Ambassador and hopes all athletes can share Miriam’s pure enjoyment for their sport. Unleash YOUR superpower, with US Glove.


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