The Best Grips Require the Best Care

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The Best Grips Require the Best Care.

Grips - the first thing we think about as we head to bars (or rings, or high bar).

Or maybe, your grips have become such a natural part of your life as a gymnast that you don’t think about them at all.

Grips are used by gymnasts all over the world––from entry level athletes to Olympic gold medalists. For men’s and women’s gymnastics alike, grips have become an essential part of the sport and athletes have been depending on them, like a best friend, for decades. Whether you are new to wearing grips, or they have been a part of your life for years, there are some things you can do to make your life easier, and the life of your grips longer.  

  • Grip Brush––Use a grip brush to get rid of chalk build-up on your grips, but only use it in moderation so you don’t damage the leather. Never brush any of the stitching on your grips. 
  • No Water––Some people suggest spraying gymnastics grips with water to “loosen” them up or help the chalk stick. Let’s clear this up once and for all: do not spray or soak grips in water to break them in! Water stiffens the leather, leads to cracking, and makes your grips wear out quickly.
  • Storage––After each workout, store your grips the same way each time. Before you use them the first time, store them wrapped around the dowel grip. Then place rubber bands around the grips to hold them in a rounded position. Keep your grips in a separate, breathable bag to keep the smell and chalk from getting on your other gear.
  • Borrowing––Because each grip is broken in and sized for the wearer, do not borrow grips from teammates. Do not let teammates borrow your grips. 
  • Back Up––Always have a backup pair of grips!  If your water bottle spills on your grips or you misplace one, you always need to have another pair ready to go.  You can keep your last pair of grips as a backup, or have a new pair that you can use in an emergency. 

YOUR GRIPS ARE YOUR BEST FRIENDS IN THE GYM. Take care of your grips and they will take care of you. They’ll protect your hands and help you improve your performance. If you follow the tips above, you will get the best performance and life from your grips. 

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