Why I Love Gymnastics

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Ever since I was a little girl, I loved being a crowd-pleaser, whether it was cracking a joke and making my family laugh, or dancing around and encouraging people to join! However, being able to bring people together by entertaining through gymnastics, was definitely one of my favorite things.

More specifically, the balance beam and floor exercise are the two events where I’ve been able to show more of my personality! The beam has come to feel like a sanctuary of sorts. When I’m on the beam, I feel poised and strong, and have learned to let my outer confidence shine through. 

Yet as I dance and tumble on the beam, my nerves are put to rest. Meanwhile, the freedom that I feel when I step onto the floor overwhelms me with happiness and excitement, and I can immediately appreciate my freedom in movement. Having the beaming spotlight on me brings me back to my childhood, as a little girl trying to impress and grab people’s attention for their entertainment.

Gymnastics has allowed me to express, create, and ultimately share the passion I have for this sport with the world. The stage and platform that I have so fortunately been given have encouraged me to continue to spread joy and positivity to others. I encourage you, whether that be through gymnastics, sport, or other hobbies, to find what you truly love about it!



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