Cheer Organizations Work Together to Launch the Unified Athlete Safety Infrastructure

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Unified Athlete Safety Infrastructure

Cheer Organizations Work Together to Launch the Unified Athlete Safety Infrastructure

USA Cheer and the U.S. All Star Federation announced the creation of the Unified Athlete Safety Infrastructure.

This new program provides for a structured athlete safety reporting process, a published list of ineligible members, and additional athlete safety information readily available to the entire cheer community. 

“Athlete safety is the number one priority of USASF,” said USASF President Jim Chadwick. “Our goal always has been, and continues to be, to promote a safe, competitive atmosphere for All Star cheer and dance athletes.”

“USA Cheer members are required to have the necessary training to create safe spaces for participants to train and compete,” said USA Cheer Executive Director Lauri Harris. “We took these latest steps to ensure that our processes for reporting abuse are clear and consistent throughout the cheer community, and to facilitate the identification of individuals deemed a potential threat to participants.”

In late 2020, the governing bodies of cheer and dance athletics also implemented a broad initiative to increase membership registration.  As a registered member of one of the organizations, adults are required to pass background checks and undergo Safesport training as well as USA Cheer and USASF training courses.

The membership also requires adherence to the strict policies recently updated in the USA Cheer Safe Sport Code.

By working together on this initiative, the two organizations are striving to create transparency, easily accessible training, and confidence in the safety of their programs and registered organizations.

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