Maddox Brower — Gymnast — US Glove Brand Ambassador

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Maddox Brower — Gymnast — US Glove Brand Ambassador

At only 11 years old, Maddox Brower wears plenty of titles: actor, model, gymnast, and even musician. Most recently, he added state champion to that list. 

More than anything, Maddox entered gymnastics out of convenience. “When I was about three, my sisters were already in gymnastics so my mom put me in the preschool class because she was already there for them,” said Maddox. “My preschool coaches thought I had a lot of potential so they put me on the level-four team by the time I was in kindergarten.”

Throughout his distinguished career, Maddox has been blessed with really committed coaches. In fact, he credits his early coaches with motivating him to stay with gymnastics when he could have tried other sports. Maddox’s mom shared her appreciation for her son’s current coaches, Reed and Q. “His coaches are really awesome with him,” she said. “Maddox isn’t a fearless gymnast, but they do a great job breaking down the skills and giving him the time he needs to process it all and work through things.”

Now, Maddox says learning new skills — and working to perfect existing ones keeps the flame burning. He does so with the assistance of US Glove wristbands and grips, which are especially important during the parallel bars for protecting his arms during rubbing and scratching. “I really like the ring and high bar grips,” says Maddox. “In the past, my other grips have worn out really quickly or they’ll get holes in them, but these have lasted a while now and they’re still in really good condition. I also love the wristbands, they’re really soft and they last a long time.”

Looking back on his level-six championship, Maddox turned in a truly dominant performance, winning the all-around title by a full two points, while earning first place in the high bar, floor, vault, parallel bars, and pommel.  Just a couple of days after that triumphant accomplishment, the world shut down due to the pandemic, canceling the remainder of the season. 

Like most athletes, Maddox learned to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances and make do with what he had. “At the beginning of the pandemic, we didn’t have Zooms or workouts, so I just worked out by myself for about a month and a half,” Maddox explained. “Then I started meeting up with my friends on Facetime and eventually my gym started doing Zooms too.”

Maddox was able to resume competitions with the new year, and picked up where he left off. He took second all-around at the Regionals last month, while winning both the high bars and parallel bars. Maddox’s team placed first in the team standings as well, so there was plenty to celebrate. 

Besides all the success he’s experienced, one of Maddox’s favorite gymnastics memories was when Olympic Silver Medalist Jonathon Horton visited his team for a practice. After listening to him speak, Maddox actually had the opportunity to be coached by Jonathon on multiple skills.  

A fifth-grader, Maddox says he enjoys science the most, especially the cool multi-day experiments they get to do in class. In his free time — when he actually has some — you might find Maddox playing Fortnite or Minecraft, or maybe watching YouTube. He says he hasn’t given too much thought about future plans — he’s only 11 after all — but knows he wants to do gymnastics for as long as he can. 

US Glove is proud to have the multi-talented Maddox onboard as a US Glove Brand Ambassador, and we’re excited to watch him continue to excel within gymnastics and all facets of his life! #unleashyoursuperpower

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