Karissa Brown – Gymnast – US Glove Brand Ambassador

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Karissa Brown – Gymnast – US Glove Brand Ambassador

The first day that US Glove Brand Ambassador Karissa Brown tried gymnastics, her mom practically had to drag her out of the gym at the end of the day because she loved it so much. That launched an eight-year journey with gymnastics that allowed Karissa to travel across several state lines, build friendships, and create countless memories. Now, she is charting a new course forward.

Karissa spent the early stages of her career at a Virginia gym, where Olympic gold medalist—and Karissa’s hero—Gabby Douglas got her start. Floor has always been Karissa’s favorite skill and she especially likes the tumbling and dance aspects. While she’ll do some tumbling at home, she explains there’s something special about being at the gym and having the ability to go “free-range” without any space constraints. While she excels at the dancing part as well, Karissa hasn’t actually taken formal dance lessons—unless TikTok counts.

Karissa’s experience with level-seven gymnastics compounded an already difficult year, and she recently decided it was time to move on from club gymnastics. “In April, I’m going to start training for acro and tumbling,” said Karissa. The shift allows her to concentrate on her favorite part of gymnastics in a new setting. She’ll be training out of the Tumbling Academy of Cheer and Acro in Athens, Georgia, where she’ll be at the forefront of the gym’s efforts to field a full acrobatics and tumbling team in the coming years.  While the scenery may be new, she’ll have at least one familiar face there, as one of her best friends goes there for cheerleading.

This isn’t to say Karissa is leaving gymnastics altogether: she’ll still have high school gymnastics, where the stakes are lower and she can simply enjoy the sport she fell in love with all those years ago. One thing is for sure, Karissa will be taking US Glove on her journey. She started wearing Tiger Paws a few years ago, when her wrists were taking a beating from gymnastics. “I really like them, because they keep my wrists from hurting,” said Karissa. “They’re comfortable to wear and they never get in the way of things.”

An eighth-grader, Karissa is most interested in science and social studies at her school, where she’s active with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Down the road, Karissa is determined to earn a scholarship for acro and tumbling, and says Baylor University is her dream school. She hopes to go into medicine or nursing.


Karissa’s drive and determination perfectly embody the US Glove spirit, and we’re proud to have her onboard as a Brand Ambassador. We look forward to watching her dreams come true! #unleashyoursuperpower

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