Luca Marz – Dancer - US Glove Brand Ambassador

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Luca Marz – Dancer - US Glove Brand Ambassador

At the age of five, Luca Marz followed in the footsteps of his sister and entered the world of dance. Nearly a decade later, the Chicagoland-native has forged his own identity within the sport—all while teaching himself how to tumble on the side.

“My sister started doing dance before me and when I saw her doing it, I knew I wanted to try dance like her,” Luca explained. It’s been quite the ride for Luca, who has created countless memories along his journey; perhaps none greater than putting on the musical number The Addams Family.

Lately, things haven’t been the easiest for Luca’s dancing, thanks to the wrench Covid-19 threw in his training. Luca’s competitive dance team is in limbo, unable to compete until the pandemic’s outlook improves. Meanwhile, dive team—a summer staple for Luca—was canceled this year. Fortunately, his studio has reopened and Luca can once again practice with his friends. There may be new challenges for the time being, like pirouettes while wearing a mask—but Luca is relieved to have some normalcy back.  “I have a lot of friends at my dance studio and it’s just a blast to be there and not just be at home all the time.” 

When Luca is home, chances are he isn’t just laying around—except maybe to re-watch Stranger Things, his favorite TV show. More likely, he can be found outside with his Airspot, flipping and twisting in his yard, never ceasing to concoct new combinations. Luca is mostly self-taught and points to either a standing double-full or a back-handspring double-full as the most difficult skills he’s mastered. As Luca’s tumbling progressed, he began recording his sessions and quickly discovered a passion for video editing. He especially enjoys adding music and other effects to his videos.

At the start of summer, Luca began experiencing pain in his wrists, no doubt the product of all his tumbling. That’s when his mother stepped in. “My mom got US Glove’s Tiger Paws for me and they’ve really helped,” said Luca. “I like that they’re really protective of my wrist. They keep me from hyperextending my wrist and really keep everything in line.”  

Luca admits that most of his time goes to dance and tumbling, but he manages to sprinkle in a couple more activities: he participates in his high school’s math team and plans to go out for the school’s volleyball team in the spring. Down the road, Luca hopes to one day become a pediatrician. 

In addition to being incredibly driven, artistic, and athletic, Luca is an extremely positive influence on Instagram.  He shows support and positivity that encourages others to unleash their own superpowers and confidence. We are thrilled that Luca is a part of the US Glove Brand Ambassador family!

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