USA Gymnastics Announces Virtual Events

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Last week, USA Gymnastics announced how they plan to hold competitive gymnastics events for the 2020-21 season. They plan on utilizing virtual event sanctions and a free platform for hosting virtual meets.

What does this mean?

USA Gymnastics will continue to sanction live, in-person events subject to local area regulations. So far for the 2020-21 season, USA Gymnastics has already issued over 1,100 event sanctions to date.

They’re providing sanctions for virtual events on platforms like Zoom, Skype and Google Meet. This ensures that more athletes are able to compete despite coronavirus complications. They’ll also be providing members free access to the Flyp10 virtual meet platform that integrates with USA Gymnastics’ Meet Reservation system. This allows participants the ability to upload HD-quality recordings of their real-time performances that are scored immediately by judges. Flyp10 also keeps track of rolling scores and placement throughout a virtual meet.

Athletes of all levels & across all disciplines will be able to compete through sanctioned virtual events, and gymnasts will also be able to use their scores for level movement.

To help the directors of each meet facilitate these virtual competitions, USA Gymnastics created Virtual Playbooks for each discipline:

This is an intuitive solution to a problem facing many athletes across all sports. The ability to compete and grow as a gymnast while doing everything possible to stay safe means you can set the bar as high as you can reach, without losing focus. 

For more information about these virtual events, feel free to visit USA Gymnastics’ website

Source: USA Gymnastics

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