Annalise Mingo - Gymnast - US Glove Brand Ambassador

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Annalise Mingo

Annalise Mingo - Gymnast - US Glove Brand Ambassador

This Spring, the Covid-19 Pandemic brought nearly every sports season to a screeching halt, leaving millions of athletes cut off from coaches, teammates and training facilities. From that uncertainty, one Ohio-native emerged having rediscovered her love for gymnastics.

Annalise Mingo was no more than four years old when she received her first formal gymnastics lessons—and even younger when her mom registered her for a recreational class. Since those humble beginnings, Annalise has held an unwavering passion for the one-of-a-kind sport. “I enjoy how it’s different from other sports,” Annalise explained. “Everything you do can be something that you’re passionate about and reflects you and your personality.”

Over the years, her passion has taken different forms. In fact, when the pandemic struck, Annalise had stepped away from the sport. “Before quarantine, I wasn’t really that involved with gymnastics,” Annalise admitted. “I was busy doing extracurriculars at school and things like that.” But one way or another, she found a way to keep the flame burning. “I did cheerleading and that was nice because I could incorporate gymnastics as the tumbler for the squad,” she said.

Everything changed in March; however, and Annalise suddenly found herself with a whole lot more time on her hands. “When the lockdown happened, I started stretching and tumbling at home and really just warming back up to the skills,” she said. After building a consistent routine, Annalise decided to join Buckeye Gymnastics—a competitive gymnastics team in Westerville, Ohio—over the Summer.

While structured gymnastics may have returned to Annalise’s life, the backyard tumbling hasn’t shown any signs of slowing. In July, she debuted the perfect practice aid: US Glove’s Tiger Paws. “I always wanted a pair, but I was nervous because I had never tumbled with something wrapped around my wrist,” she said. It took just one exercise for those doubts to vanish. “I remember doing a warmup back-handspring when I put together my brand ambassador video and it was a totally different feeling,” she said, adding that in the past that exercise has been a source of discomfort in her wrist.

“I really like the design that US Glove has created with the Tiger Paws because they cover your wrists and most of your hands so that you have support everywhere, not just on your wrist area,” Annalise continued. “I was really impressed by how well they worked and how easy they were to use and just the quality of them is so nice. I’ve just really enjoyed tumbling in them and they’re a big help!”

Gymnastics may take up a lot of her time, but the sport is just one aspect of Annalise’s life. She’s also skilled in a variety of art forms, which serves as another outlet for her creative side. Annalise’s impressive repertoire includes sewing, painting, using a 3-D printer and painting. Right now, she’s even enrolled in a ceramics class. “Anything where you can create something new and make it personal to your life—that’s what I really like to do,” said Annalise.  

While things like gymnastics and art play a big role in Annalise’s life, nothing is more important to her than her family. She has one sister, and the pair have participated in gymnastics together most of their lives. Outside of her immediate family, Annalise has many cousins whom she considers to be some of her best friends and often sees them a couple times each week, with her grandmother’s house serving as the go-to rendezvous spot.

Annalise isn’t quite sure what’s in store for her after high school, but has plenty of options. For now, she’s considering studying business and has found an interest in examining different gymnastics companies. Also in the running is engineering, which would be an appropriate fit for the 11th-grader who names math as her favorite subject—even though she admits it can be a love-hate relationship come homework time, but the process of working through problems and finding solutions makes it all worth it.  

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US Glove is proud to have Annalise on board as a US Glove Brand Ambassador, and deeply admired the passion and creativity she carries with her—two cornerstones of the US Glove spirit. Unleash YOUR superpower, with US Glove.

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